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The Is Always Rape Of The Natural World - 3477 Words

Horror in Romanticized Ambitions: Gothic Science Fiction and Moral Problems of the God Complex in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Monika Mahmutovic (301180032) WL 306 Summer 2015 Instructor: Dr. John Whatley July 23, 2015 â€Å"Discovery is always rape of the natural world. Always.† Michael Crichton’s worries about the implications of scientific discovery and technological advancements are perhaps dramatically overstated in this quote from his well known 1990 science fiction piece, Jurassic Park. Nonetheless, Crichton, in a few words, encapsulates much of science fictions worries about the devastating effects that human ingenuity and ambitious desire for knowledge can have on the natural order and integrity of things. It bespeaks of a human flaw—and indeed, a flaw that is in its nature romantic and often intendedly idealistic—that is characterized by a drive towards progress and ultimately human perfectibility through knowledge of the natural world. However, what are the implications here of scientific inquiries that â€Å"[pursue] nature to her hiding-places†? Such ambitions conjure up images of the mad scientist, burning the midnight oil in his study or laborat ory, seeking, mastering, bending and harnessing (and in turn, being undone by) nature’s laws and secrets that he ought not have meddled with in the first place. Strikingly, this fear of humans pursuing, through science, abilities which were not intended for them, is in no way owed to ourShow MoreRelatedIs It What I Wore?1504 Words   |  7 Pagesthrough the hallways of your school, of a place that has always brought you a sense of safety, a sense of hope for the future, and acted as a fountain of knowledge for the majority of your life. Now imagine being there and out of nowhere an individual, a fellow student, or even a friend grabs you, pulls you into a dark room, and maliciously attacks you. As you feel yourself lose complete control of the situation and of your body, the world around you turns to a blur and all you feel is pain. A painRead MoreThere isnt one word that will capture a human being’s attention and imagination more, there is1500 Words   |  6 Pagesi mperative. The orgasm has been the singular overarching driving force of consciousness since before antiquity. A sterile interpretation of why conscious beings value orgasm so much in our psyches is that evolutionarily it further incentivizes the natural process of reproduction. But if one examines the profundity of the orgasm on a deeper level, it becomes possible that the reason why the experience of orgasms to be so important to us and why we evolved for it to be so, is our desperate desire toRead MoreProstitution Should Be Legalized Within The United States1602 Words   |  7 PagesKnown globally as â€Å"The world’s oldest profession†, a prostitute can give you quite the bang for your buck! Prostitution should be legalized within the United States of America for numerous reasons, some of which including decrease in rape and diseases, adding a nice little boost to our economy, and generally reducing violence against women of the night. Even though prostitution ca n be very dangerous, many women choose that path. If you re strapped for cash and don’t have many options don’t worryRead MoreViolence Against Women s Violence1553 Words   |  7 Pageswomen are abused and mistreated, focusing on the effects that violence causes to the victims as well as to those who haven’t experienced violence, but feel somewhat driven to help in this issue. I. Types of violence against women A. Sexual abuse 1. Rape 2. Sexual harassment B. Verbal Violence C. Domestic Violence II. Health effects of violence on the victims A. Physical effects B. Psychological effects 1. Mental illness 2. Effects in victims family III. Impact of domestic violence in society A.Read MoreCall to Action: Decreasing the Number of Sexual Assaults in the United States1570 Words   |  7 Pagessexual harassment, rape, even kissing can all be constituted as sexual assault. Statistics show the most common form of sexual assault is rape. Rape is defined as the unlawful compelling of a person through physical fore to have sexual intercourse or any act of sexual intercourse that was not consented to. More common than rape by a stranger is rape by someone the victim knows. There are many forms of rape including acquaintance rape, date rape, and marital rape. Acquaintance rape is a type of forcedRead MoreAbortion : Should It Be Legal?1484 Words   |  6 Pageswomb I knew you† But they always stop the quote right there, this leaves out the rest that says, â€Å" a prophet to the Nations I appointed you.† This takes away the support of anti- abortionist because it s saying that God made him a prophet and it changes the meaning. They claim that the embryo is a person, but is it? No, the embryo is only a potential person and this potential person is one hundred percent reliant on the mother and, â€Å" every child should come into the world wanted , love, and cared forRead MoreEssay On No Longer Even A Victim795 Words   |  4 PagesNo Longer a Victim, but a Survivor Victimization from various crimes, for instance rape or sexual assault, is more common among young, female, college students than what the public want to grasp. The realization of one’s parents sending their child off into a bigger world of freedom, adulthood and independence, knowing their precious child no longer needs the influence of their guidance can be a scary transition for both the young college student and the parents. College is suppose to exist asRead MoreThe Effects Of Violence On Women s Violence1735 Words   |  7 Pagesfocusing on the effects that violence causes to the victims as well as to those who haven’t experienced violence, but feel somewhat driven to help in this issue. I. Leading types of violence against women A. Sexual abuse on women 1. Sexual Assault and Rape 2. Sexual harassment a. Harassment in the workplace B. Psychological and Emotional Violence 1. Verbal abuse 2. Bullying from an intimate partner C. Domestic Violence II. Health effects of violence on the victims A. Physical effects B. PsychologicalRead MoreThe Rover, By Aphra Behn Essay1205 Words   |  5 Pageson the purpose behind such raw displays of human essence are sometimes forgotten. Within a modern society, the idea that women have, and should, express their desires, passions, and opinions comes by naturally. However, this universal truth was not always deemed acceptable. There was a time where female sexuality, personal identity, and desires were simply dismissed. It is with this knowledge in mind that the meaning behind Aphra Behn’s comedy The Rover is felt in full force. With the historical contextRead MoreThe Private And Public Side Of Sexuality966 Words   |  4 Pagesplethora of opinions, viewpoints, and emotions. For my final research paper, I will be analyzing the differences between the private and public side of sexuality. These sides of human sexuality involve countless facets including pleasure, pornography, rape, premarital sex, polygamy, procreation, homosexual marriage, and lov e and friendship. There are a wide array of arguments of each aspect of sexuality concerning if they are private or public, a human right or immoral. I will discuss whether social

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Personal Leadership Philosophy U.s. T - 1363 Words

Rough Draft PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY T.R.U.S.T Teamwork: Team work is effective actions combined with a group of people to reach a certain goal. This is a value that an effective leader must have. Good teamwork maximizes strengths, bringing out the best in each team member. An individuals strengths in this case the leader are then complimented by the strengths of others, or of the team as a unit. TRUE LEADERS DON T CREATE FOLLOWERS, THEY CREATE MORE LEADERS - ZIAD K. ABDELNOUR Respect: An effective leader has to respect others otherwise manipulation will occur. Respect means that one can deal with diversity which is a critical need for a leader in today’s society probably always has been Respect is earned. It is not freely given. it is important to be respectful whether the person deserves it or not. good effective leader leads by example. GIVE IT, TO GET IT -ANONYMOUS Understanding: An effective leader must have an understanding of him/herself and an understanding of others.A leader must understand what his/her strengths and weaknesses are. They must also understand human behavior and why people will act a certain manner as opposed to responding in another way. LEADERSHIP IS UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE AND INVOLVING THEM TO HELP YOU DO A JOB -ADMIRAL ARLEIGH BURKE Synergy:The term synergy will always tie in with teamwork. A leader must work with a team to create positive outcomes. A Team leader who tends to dominateShow MoreRelatedCisco Systems Inc. And The Leadership Of John T. Chambers1299 Words   |  6 PagesCisco Systems Inc. and the Leadership of John T. Chambers As Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Systems Incorporated, the leadership of John Thomas Chambers solidified Cisco as the world’s premiere data networking company. Cisco Systems Incorporated is an international technology corporation founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, California. Cisco designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide and is the largest networking company in the world. TheRead MoreATT Mision Vision and Values Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pagesidentifies ATT as one of the leader communications holding corporation in the United States and global. Operating worldwide with 307,550 employees, ATT established its global headquarters in Dallas Texas, ATT is known as the worldwide leading provider of IP-based communications services to businesses and the principal U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, directory publishing and advertising services for more than a century . ATT continues to buildRead MoreThe Evolution Of Business Ethics852 Words   |  4 PagesSwanson May 17, 2015 Abstract Just as individuals differ, so do their ethical concepts and value arrangements. Personal guidelines or policies for everyday ethical conduct. Like all policies, a code of ethics must be capable of being enforced. Just as if people, corporations and businesses too, have their ethical concepts, systematic science, and a business philosophy they must follow to remain viable in today’s competitive business world. Good corporate and organizational ethics helpsRead MoreMitsubishi Motors North America - Case Study1577 Words   |  7 PagesCase Study :-Mitsubishi Motors North America Question :- (1:1) What do you think Mitsubishi ¡Ã‚ ¦s philosophy might be regarding the role of strategic human resource management? Explain. Strategic human resource management process is very important to any organization in the present day context because it contributes to the organizations performance to a greater extent even on a highly volatile environment. Any organization ¡Ã‚ ¦s existence and the survival in the short and long run will mainly dependRead MoreApproaches of Nursing Leaders and Managers to Issues in Practice: Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turnover1288 Words   |  5 Pagespinpointing the best approach possible to aid this issue, one can better understand which leadership styles are necessary for leaders to function. Dealing with Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turnover with Approach and Theory In viewing the issue at hand, it must be noted that the nurse shortage in the United States is not expected to stop any time soon. While the phrase nurse shortage has been mentioned for years in the U.S., with the nurse shortage expected to peak in 2020, the median age of nurses standingRead MoreEssay on Servant Leadership Research And Application 1664 Words   |  7 Pagesresearch-based model that drives the common vision. Servant leadership is a model that is built on the foundation that the leader serves its followers, before he or she even thinks about the notion of leading. The foundation of this leadership research application looks deep into the ground floor transformation of an underperforming middle school using servant leadership as the primary model and tests the notion that a support model of authentic leadership in conjunction can move the organization towards internalRead MoreThe Origins Of A Bitter Intellectual Battle1860 Words   |  8 PagesBauerlein, Mark. Book er T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois: The Origins of a Bitter Intellectual Battle.  The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, no. 46, 2005, pp. 106, ProQuest Central. The article entitled â€Å"Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois: The Origins of a Bitter Intellectual Battle, by Mark Bauerlein, offered valid information to my research question. The main point of this article wasRead MoreNursing Philosophy : Nursing Practice1233 Words   |  5 Pages Nursing philosophy2 Nursing Philosophy Name: Institution: Date: Nursing Philosophy I am ascribed to the philosophy that effective nursing practices ought to be patient-centered. Referring to Hobbs (2009), patient-centered care is the provision medical services in a manner that is respectful and responsive to patient’s values, preferences, and needs at individual level. In essence, patient-centered care is built on the principleRead MoreWho Should Be Our Next President?1022 Words   |  5 Pagesoffice.   As seen from his speeches and interviews, he does not always exhibit sound judgement when speaking about foreign matters. However, he states what is on his mind and is honest towards the people. Due to his extensive amount of business and leadership experience, he may be just what America needs to improve our weak economy. The fact that Donald Trump has never been involved in politics before may be a refreshing change for our country if he is elected. Hillary Rodham Clinton was born on OctoberRead MoreBH3319 Theory and Practice of Leadership assign4188 Words   |  17 PagesCandidate No: 879088 BH3319 Theory and Practice of Leadership Five Principles of a Sustainably Effective Leadership Philosophy Candidate No: 879088 Word Count: 3260 1 Candidate No: 879088 This inquiry is set out to define the components that make up an effective leader, whilst taking into account different situational contexts. The concept of leadership has proven highly ambiguous, where countless definitions have tried to pinpoint exactly what makes up an effective leader. The following definition

Impact of Priorities on the Intersection of Language and Culture Free Essays

Carolina Granados Mrs. Brady AP Language and Literature 16 September 2012 Impact of Priorities on the Intersection of Language and Culture The impact of language on culture and culture on language are all essentially based on priorities. A priority can be described as a resource or activity that a culture gives specified attention to. We will write a custom essay sample on Impact of Priorities on the Intersection of Language and Culture or any similar topic only for you Order Now Distinguishing the priorities of a culture can be easily done by taking a look at their language or at their culture. The priorities of cultures, such as that of the Normans, Eskimos, Italians or Asians, are food, everyday activities, and communicating. There are many types of priorities but one priority that is probably the most important to any culture is food. According to Bill Bryson in The Mother Tongue, â€Å"every language has areas in which it needs, for practical purposes, to be more expressive than others† (14). This means that the culture’s priorities cause the language to be more expressive. For example, Italians have over 500 names for macaroni because pasta is their main priority, while Araucanian Indians of Chile have a variety of words for hunger because food is scarce thus not a top priority. As reported by Tanya Brady in her lecture, in 1066 A. D the Normans and the Anglo Saxons had different words for the food they ate. The Anglo Saxon’s priority was the farm animals and to provide the French with food and so they named their food with words like sheep, cow and pig. On the other hand the Norman’s priority was not the farm animal but the actual food on their table therefore they named their food with words like mutton, beef, and bacon. This matters because it shows that their priorities of their food are seen throughout the words in their language. In 1984, Winston was unfamiliar with â€Å"good† foods, like wine. In the book O’Brien says, â€Å"It’s called wine† (Orwell 171). This means that Winston did not know what it was called because it was not in his language sine wine was something Winston never had, making it not a priority. Food is a simple priority that can be affected by the words we use to describe it. In The Origins of Pleasure, Paul Bloom argues that changing the word that describes the food can change what a person thinks they are eating thus bringing more pleasure. For example, changing the name of wines for a more luxurious and expensive name an cause adults to believe they are drinking the expensive stuff making the wine more enjoyable. This shows that the words that are chosen to describe something can affect priorities, like the adults with the wine. Priorities of any culture, like the Eskimos, circle around the everyday activities they do. According to Bill Bryson, Eskimos have fifty words for types of snow. This means that the snow is a large part of their life, making it a big part of their language. Bryson also states that Arabs have over 6,000 words for camels and camel equipment. Working with camels is an everyday thing for the Arabs making camels a priority to their culture. Brady makes it clear that the Normans focused everyday on matters of court, government, fashion, and high living, while the English peasants just continued to eat, drink, work and sleep. The difference in preferences of these two tiers, the French-speaking autocracy and the English-speaking peasantry, is seen throughout the words in their language. In 1984 George Orwell describes that Winston’s priority was to work for the Inner Party. His everyday life did not consist of fun and interesting activities but consisted instead on things the Party wanted him to do. This was because his leader Big Brother was destroying words out of their vocabulary which limited what Winston and the rest of the people in Oceania could do. Orwell describes Winton’s day by saying, â€Å"He†¦hurried of to the Center, took part in the solemn foolery of a â€Å"discussion group,† played two games of table tennis†¦ and sat for a half an hour through a lecture†¦ † (109). This shows his activities were controlled and limited. Mark Pagel in How Language Transformed Humanity said, â€Å"You use your language to alter the settings inside someone else’s brain to suit your interest,† and in fact that was what Big Brother was doing to them. Limiting a person’s activities also limits their priorities. Malcolm Gladwell, in Outliers, states that Asian children tend to work harder in mathematics because it is an advantage in their culture. Their language constructed of remarkably brief number words, which allowed the children to memorize them faster. The difference means that Asian children learn to count much faster than American children. This difference matters because the advantage of the number words in their language made mathematics one of their culture’s priorities. Communication is another priority of any culture around the world. Davis Sedaris in Americans in Paris portrays the priority of communication perfectly. Davis Sedaris could not communicate with the people in Paris because of his language, which narrowed down who he was able to talk to and what he was able to do. Sedaris’s activities were around the people that made him happy and that he had ease understanding and communicating like the children at the theater. Sedaris’s priority of communicating with others was affected by the language he had not yet mastered. Malcolm Gladwell observed that the kinds of errors that cause plane crashes are invariably errors of communication. In the Avianca crash Klotz, the pilot, was not able to communicate his problem effectively because he was using his own cultural language, speaking as a subordinate would to a superior. To the Kennedy Airport air traffic controllers the mitigated speech from the pilot did not mean he was being deferential to a superior but instead it meant he didn’t have a problem. According to George Orwell the Inner Party used Euphony to prevent people in Oceania to communicate. The purpose was so that their society would speak so easily, almost automatically, with no personal expression so that communicating would become harder. Stripping away the uniqueness of how the word was said made the ideas left behind not worth listening to, thus decreasing the communication between everyone. Orwell says, â€Å"There will be no love† (267). In Oceania the people did not have any individual relationships, or any bonds or any love because there was no communication. This means that the priority of communication with individuals, like friends and family was removed completely. This matters because again changing the language in any way can affect the priorities of any individual, like the priority of communication. Mark Pagel states, â€Å"Our modern world is communicating with its self and with each other. † This means that communication is a way for every culture to transfer goods, ideas and technologies. This is a way for parts of the world to put their priorities together changing the known language and culture. Priorities are a large factor of the intersection between language and culture. Priorities essentially distinguish the difference in cultures by pin pointing the focuses in every single culture. Priorities of cultures, such as the food they eat, the activities they conduct, and the way they communicate, affect what people correlate to the words they speak which in turn changes the language. Works Cited Brady, Tanya. â€Å"The History of English Language. † A. P. English Language and Composition. Tahquitz High School. Titan Trail, Hemet, CA. 22 August 2012. Lecture Bryson, Bill. The Mother Tongue: The English Language. Great Britain: Penguin Books,1990. Print. Gladwell, Malcolm. Outliers: The Story of Success. New Work: Little, Brown and Company, November 2008 Orwell, George. 1984. New York: Penguin Books, 1949. Print Page, Mark. â€Å"How Language Transformed Humanity. † 2011 August. http://www. ted. com/talks/view/lang/en//id/1203 Sedaris, David. â€Å"165: Americans in Paris. † Interview with David Sedaris. By Mike, Daisey. Chicago, 2012. Web Bloom, Paul. â€Å"The Origins of Pleasure. † TED Global. Edinburgh, Scotland. July 2011. Conference Presentation. 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VFW Essays (393 words) - Feminism, Women, Articles, Womens Rights

Ashley Altidort Professor Hill Women's Studies November 5, 2018 Vote For Women Questions The themes I found throughout the movie are as follows: radical vs. conservative groups, love vs. career, matriarchal societies, government ignorance, racial rights, advocacy/activism, freedom, and of course, feminism. The thesis of the movie was to fight to break the stigma of women being weak beings and exercise their constitutional right as law abiding citizen, despite the struggles. I found myself relating to Alice Paul the most because she always found her way out, fought hard for what she believed in and never took no for an answer. She made sure her movement was effective, even if it meant being force fed. Lucy Burns, however, was one of my favorite characters because she seemed to be the humorous character, diffusing the unnecessarily serious moments with puns and laughter. Especially in today's climate, the issues these women faced are socially relevant to today because women's voices are still being dismissed. Women are still viewed as "helpless creatures that need to be cuddled and protected" (57) and are expected to be followers of "good girlism", which as Elisa Davila, the author of Good Girl, describes it, an ideology that has socially constructed demands from society forced upon women, and for those who don't abide are considered rebels. The women's intelligence and determination allowed them to subjugate and push through with their movement through flyers, protests, and acquaintances. The women's dedication to the movement allowed it to be successful because they not only sacrificed their health, marriages, and the limited amount freedom they had, but were also imprisoned and force fed after picketing and hunger-striking against the then president, Woodrow Wilson. The volatile scene where the women imprisoned were forced to eat a through a tube that was scarfed down their throat without consent, despite their well known hunger-strike, was one of the many acts of courage portrayed in this film. Besides it being morally humane, I believe women should be allowed to vote because they are law abiding tax paying citizens, and we should be able to exercise their constitutional rights. I definitely think it's okay to break the law to bring social, political, and economical change to a society as long as there's no harm being done. Laws provide construct and does not leave room for moral judgements, which at times, is needed.

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A Comparison of the Merits of using Software or Hardware Transactional Memory, against Traditional ‘Semaphore’ Locking The WritePass Journal

A Comparison of the Merits of using Software or Hardware Transactional Memory, against Traditional ‘Semaphore’ Locking A Comparison of the Merits of using Software or Hardware Transactional Memory, against Traditional ‘Semaphore’ Locking ]. Bright, P. (2011) IBM’s new transactional memory: make-or-break time for multithreaded revolution. Available at: Â  [Accessed 12th March 2014]. Detlefs, D., Martin, P.A., Moir, M. Steele, G.L., (2001) ‘The Twentieth Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing’, in Lock-free Reference Counting, ACM Press: New York. Maged, M.M. (2004) ‘Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2004 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation’, in Scalable Lock-free Dynamic Memory Allocation, ACM Press: New York.

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String Types in Delphi

String Types in Delphi As with any programming language, in Delphi, variables are placeholders used to store values; they have names and data types. The data type of a variable determines how the bits representing those values are stored in the computers memory. When we have a variable that will contain some array of characters, we can declare it to be of typeString.  Delphi provides a healthy assortment of string operators, functions and procedures. Before assigning a String data type to a variable, we need to thoroughly understand Delphis four string types. Short String Simply put,  Short String  is a counted array of (ANSII) characters, with up to 255 characters in the string. The first byte of this array stores the length of the string. Since this was the main string type in Delphi 1 (16 bit Delphi), the only reason to use Short String is for backward compatibility.  To create a ShortString type variable we use:   var s: ShortString; s : Delphi Programming;​ //S_Length : Ord(s[0])); //which is the same as Length(s) The  s  variable is a Short string variable capable of holding up to 256 characters, its memory is a statically allocated 256 bytes. Since this is usually wasteful - unlikely will your short string spread to the maximum length - second approach to using Short Strings is using subtypes of ShortString, whose maximum length is anywhere from 0 to 255.   var ssmall: String[50]; ssmall : Short string, up to 50 characters; This creates a variable called  ssmall  whose maximum length is 50 characters. Note: When we assign a value to a Short String variable, the string is truncated if it exceeds the maximum length for the type. When we pass short strings to some Delphis string manipulating routine, they are converted to and from long string. String / Long / Ansi Delphi 2 brought to Object Pascal  Long String  type. Long string (in Delphis help AnsiString) represents a dynamically allocated string whose maximum length is limited only by available memory. All 32-bit Delphi versions use long strings by default. I recommend using long strings whenever you can.   var s: String; s : The s string can be of any size...; The  s  variable can hold from zero to any practical number of characters. The string grows or shrinks as you assign new data to it. We can use any string variable as an array of characters, the second character in  s  has the index 2. The following code   s[2]:T; assigns  T  to the second character os the  s  variable. Now the few of the first characters in   s  look like:  TTe s str....Dont be mislead, you cant use s[0] to see the length of the string,  s  is not ShortString. Reference counting, copy-on-write Since memory allocation is done by Delphi, we dont have to worry about garbage collection. When working with Long (Ansi) Strings Delphi uses reference counting. This way string copying is actually faster for long strings than for short strings.  Reference counting, by example:   var s1,s2: String; s1 : first string; s2 : s1; When we create string  s1  variable, and assign some value to it, Delphi allocates enough memory for the string. When we copy  s1  to  s2, Delphi does not copy the string value in memory, it only increases the reference count and alters the  s2  to point to the same memory location as  s1. To minimize copying when we pass strings to routines, Delphi uses copy-on-write technique. Suppose we are to change the value of the  s2  string variable; Delphi copies the first string to a new memory location, since the change should affect only s2, not s1, and they are both pointing to the same memory location.   Wide String Wide strings  are also dynamically allocated and managed, but they dont use reference counting or the copy-on-write semantics. Wide strings consist of 16-bit Unicode characters. About Unicode character sets The ANSI character set used by Windows is a single-byte character set. Unicode stores each character in the character set in 2 bytes instead of 1. Some national languages use ideographic characters, which require more than the 256 characters supported by ANSI. With 16-bit notation we can represent 65,536 different characters. Indexing of multibyte strings is not reliable, since  s[i]  represents the ith byte (not necessarily the i-th character) in  s. If you must use Wide characters, you should declare a string variable to be of the WideString type and your character variable of the WideChar type. If you want to examine a wide string one character at a time, be sure to test for multibite characters. Delphi doesnt support automatic type conversions betwwen Ansi and Wide string types.   var s : WideString; c : WideChar; s : Delphi_ Guide; s[8] : T; //sDelphi_TGuide; Null terminated A null or  zero terminated  string is an array of characters, indexed by an integer starting from zero. Since the array has no length indicator, Delphi uses the ASCII 0 (NULL; #0) character to mark the boundary of the string.  This means there is essentially no difference between a null-terminated string and an array[0..NumberOfChars] of type Char, where the end of the string is marked by #0. We use null-terminated strings in Delphi when calling Windows API functions. Object Pascal lets us avoid messing arround with pointers to zero-based arrays when handling null-terminated strings by using the PChar type. Think of a PChar as being a pointer to a null-terminated string or to the array that represents one. For more info on pointers, check:Pointers in Delphi. For example, The  GetDriveType  API function determines whether a disk drive is a removable, fixed, CD-ROM, RAM disk, or network drive. The following procedure lists all the drives and their types on a users computer. Place one Button and one Memo component on a form and assign an OnClick handler of a Button: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var Drive: Char; DriveLetter: String[4]; begin for Drive : A to Z do begin DriveLetter : Drive :\; case GetDriveType(PChar(Drive :\)) of DRIVE_REMOVABLE: Memo1.Lines.Add(DriveLetter Floppy Drive); DRIVE_FIXED: Memo1.Lines.Add(DriveLetter Fixed Drive); DRIVE_REMOTE: Memo1.Lines.Add(DriveLetter Network Drive); DRIVE_CDROM: Memo1.Lines.Add(DriveLetter CD-ROM Drive); DRIVE_RAMDISK: Memo1.Lines.Add(DriveLetter RAM Disk); end; end; end; Mixing Delphis strings We can freely mix all four different kinds of strings, Delphi will give its best to make sense of what we are trying to do. The assignment s:p, where s is a string variable and p is a PChar expression, copies a null-terminated string into a long string. Character types In addition to four string data types, Delphi has three character types:  Char,  AnsiChar, and  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹WideChar. A string constant of length 1, such as T, can denote a character value. The generic character type is Char, which is equivalent to AnsiChar. WideChar values are 16-bit characters ordered according to the Unicode character set. The first 256 Unicode characters correspond to the ANSI characters.

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A clue about current socialpolitical issue Essay

A clue about current socialpolitical issue - Essay Example work to pass fundamental values and assumption by using one of the protagonists to show the effect drugs have to young people who engage themselves in drug trafficking. Maria Alvarez work at the rose plantation where she could use the little salary she get to support her family. In her ambition to find a well-paying job and the need to get fulfill Maria, she ends up suffering emotional and psychologically. The author has done his research perfectly, and this enables him to know the major thing that is causing young people to engage themselves in drug trafficking. The argument he present in his play depicts a solid reasoning that Joshua possess as his argument were not based on rumors or wishful thinking hence enabled him to present his work on an empirical manner. The author has tried to convince his audiences that poverty is the main factor that is causing young people like Maria to become mules. However, poverty is not necessary the main cause that is making people be mule but greed is also another factor responsible in causing other people like Maria to join drug traffickers. Therefore, Joshua have is jumping to the conclusion without considering other factors like gluttony which some use to became drug traffickers. Despite, poor economic conditions and moral failures of people such as Lucy, Maria and Blanca, political corruption still contributes to an increase in drug traffickers. Many individual have used their economic and political power to facilitate drug trafficking as they used their political power and money to bribe the police. Therefore, the government must also not concentrate on people like Maria but also on those who are harnessing their financially viable and political power to perpetuate the drug