Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Reducing storm surge impacts in the UK RESEARCH PROPOSAL Essay

Reducing storm surge impacts in the UK RESEARCH PROPOSAL - Essay Example They remain primary components of the total sea level in cases of coastal flooding events since they occur as storms drive massive water quantities towards the coastline. The individual and the combined effect of large waves, rising tides, heavy rainfall and storm surge elevation serve to produce a destructive effect with the capacity of flooding entire coastlines, (Nicholls and Tol 1076). Storm surge and increased flood risk have remained of critical concern to UK Environmental and Risk Management authorities especially in the face of climate change, (NERC 3). The study’s main focus will be to carry out risk assessment on UK storm surges with the view that, a clearer understanding of the situation will better help in the reduction of storm surges and better design and build coastal flood protection mechanism. The study will use a multi-approach technique of analysing past storm surges, assessing direct loses in cases of storm surges, providing a comprehensive geographical-inf ormation analysis of the existing population, storm surge characteristics and sea levels and assessing the potential indirect losses, (NERC 4). The researchers are of the view that the assessment will provide valuable information on the current states of selected UK coastal regions thereby enabling definitive sure management or reduction. Section V: Budget Budget Sumary Research Proposal to the The National Hazards Research Centre (NHRC) BUDGET SUMMARY CATEGORY COST TOTAL PHASE I PHASE II PHASE III DIRECT COSTS 1. Personel Salaries and Wages ? 18032 ?17463 ?19684 ?55179 2. Fringe Benefits ?1648 ?2400 ?5645 ? 9693 3. Consultants and Contracts ?809 ?1260 ?1380 ?3449 4. Travel ?3940 ?4500 ?5500 ?13940 5. Accomodation ?3238 ?4120 ?4638 ?11996 6. Food ?1500 ?17120 ?1830 ?20450 7. Supplies and Materials ?1569.98 ?1240 ?1832 ?4632.98 8. Communications (Telephone, Postage, etc) ? 750 ?830 ?1126 ?2706 9. Other Expenses (Equipment Rental) ?399 ?450 ?612 ?1461 TOTAL ?123,506.98 Total Budget Ex penses: Personel Salaries and Wages: ?55179 Fringe Benefits: ?9693 Consultants and Contracts: ?3449 Travel: 13940 Accomodation: ?11996 Food: 20450 Supplies and Materials: ?4632.98 Communications: ?2706 Other Expenses: ?1461 TOTAL EXPENSES: ?123, 506.98 Section VI: Justification of the Budget In the course of our research, the project personell cost would also include data analysis and report writing. Supplies funds will be used to cover copying, postage, printing, and telephone calls expenses. Personel salaries and wages will be used to pay individuals who will work within the research team and the renumeration will be dependent upon their project role, project percentage effort, base salary and type of appointment. Percentage of effort will be determined based upon the number of hours per week they will be involved in project related activittes.

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