Monday, October 7, 2019

The rise of industrialization in the United States Essay

The rise of industrialization in the United States - Essay Example Without industrial revolution, the modernization of many societies would not have been achieved, and America would not be exceptional. Therefore, it becomes relevant to discuss the rise of industrialization in the United States, with a focus on what were the important components? Who were the major players and in what industries did they thrive? Assessing how technology was applied into this developments and how the working class fitted into the plan, as well as the significance of the labor movement in this process also forms the subject of this discussion. Industrialization initially started in Britain, and eventually spread to the rest of Europe and America. Before the industrial revolution, the US was using horse-powered machinery to run its factories2. This eventually changed to the adoption of water power, before industrialization revolutionized the whole manufacturing and production systems. There are several components that saw the rise of industrialization in America. First, after the end of the Civil War, agriculture in the country flourished, with a high production of raw materials such as cotton, which was being used in the textile industry for the manufacture of clothing. This being the case, the demand for production systems that would enhance the use of the readily available raw material contributed to the need to establish a more robust system of production, which saw steam-powered manufacturing, effectively replacing the water-powered machineries1. The other aspect that contributed to the rise of the American industrialization is the increased demand for manufactured goods that rose significantly notably between 1780s and the 1840s2. Considering that agricultural production in America had improved a great deal, there was sufficient food and other necessities obtainable from the farms, but a shortage of industrial products. This served to increase the demand for manufactured commodities, which eventually sparked off industrialization. Improved t ransport system also contributed to the rise of industrialization in America. In the period leading to 1820s, there was a high investment in transport systems such as canals and later the railway around 18353. An abundance of natural resources that were required in the manufacturing of commodities also played a great role in the rise of industrialization in America. America was endowed with vast natural resources, which formed the foundation for the rise of industrialization. Considering that natural resources such as steel, coal and oil were not to be imported, but simply to be obtained domestically, then, a manufacturing system that would take advantage of these resources had to be established, paving way for industrialization. Most significantly however, is the fact that foreign investment, availability of labor and technological innovation played a major role in the rise of industrialization in America4. There was a massive wave of investors shifting from the already industriali zed countries such as Britain, Germany and France, who came with a wealth of experience and capital to spark off the industrial growth. Coupled with that was the technological innovation that was occurring in America, which had resulted to the discovery of more efficient and highly productive systems. The foreign investors were able to invest and

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