Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Yield Curve Kink Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Yield Curve Kink Decision - Essay Example For example, Tony Boeckh had extensive skills in bank credit and was a skilled economist. On the other hand, James Hymas, who was the president and the chief executive officer, was the portfolio manager while Eric Deckert and Bing Li were the company analysts (Hunger, 2002). Currently the company is managing over $1.7 billion, pension funds. As the company portrayed strong record of accomplishment, it attracted more clients and within 7 years, it gained over $400 million in pension business even though it lost small pension accounts that were worth $10 million in total (Iansiti and Levien, 2004). By the end of September 1997, Greydanus, Broekh and Associates annualized return stood at 13.80% rising above the SCM universe bond index that stood at 13.56% (Steve, 2010). At the same year, the company monthly returns at the end of September stood at 1.97% while the duration was 5.56 as compared to the SCM return and duration which stood at 1.72% and 5.47 respectively. According to the independent pension consultant, GBA investment style includes 20% pure interest rate anticipation while the quantitative value strategies stood at the remaining 80%. Given its effort to make sustainable investment decisions, GBA makes its investment decisions based quantitative as well as computer models. In order for the company to increase its revenue, sometimes it times the market for example in 1994 and 1995. During this time, GBA noted that the market had overshot and the possibility of interest rates declining was high. As a result, the company limited its investment portfolio to avoid losses. In most of the times, the company managed its investment portfolio in a range within 1.5 years of the recognized standard fixed income benchmark unless the customers applied a different benchmark (Steve, 2010). One notable aspect to note for GBA is that it invested entirely in government bonds, and a strategy the company adopted in ensuring the maximum earnings of

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