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How Service Is A Good Or Bad - 1260 Words

What is service? This question has thrived throughout my expository classroom over the course of the past four weeks. We have to discover a form of service that we are going to partake in for at least fifteen hours. Before we can do this though, we must understand what service is. Some say that service constitutes as helping others in any way that will affect an entire community. Others believe that service is helping one or more people in any way this is going to make some kind of difference, good or bad, in their life. I believe that service is when a person is appointed or appoints them self to do some sort of work in another person’s life despite whether that form of work has a positive or negative impact. My form of service includes tapping trees. I plan on tapping trees in a sugar works in Lincoln and South Starksboro, Vermont. As my grandfather is getting older, he needs others to help him during the short time period that trees can be tapped before the sap begins to flow. He has constructed a sugar works that contains over ten-thousand taps with my uncle over the course of the last five years. For those who don’t know what it means to tap trees, â€Å"a tree yielding sap is like a person donating blood. They both have some to spare. After the tap-hole is drilled, a spout with either a bucket and hook or tubing attached is placed in the hole and gently tapped in place,† (Croft). While this seems like an easy task, walking up and down a mountain in four to five feetShow MoreRelatedCustomer Service Within The Workplace1346 Words   |  6 PagesBASICS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE WITHIN THE WORKPLACE The Echo 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer stated that â€Å"Nearly a third of consumers believe that businesses are now paying less attention to providing good customer service† (3). Since business to customer interaction is a vital component in today’s economy, customer service is an essential topic that must be improved to consider a business successful with its attended audience. Formatting of this report includes the discussion of the conceptsRead MoreEssay about Service Recovery 949 Words   |  4 PagesIn providing services to the customers, service recovery is a missing element. The effective service recovery process attracts customers as well as leaves a positive impact on them. Process of service recovery brings customers from their bad feelings and perceptions to the positive edge. Effective service recovery process is a major element in maintaining customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. (John Tschohl) The service recovery means the service provider taking some effective actions or steps toRead MoreThe Rise Of Social Media1248 Words   |  5 PagesWhile the benefits of customer service and customer success are plentiful, many businesses still don’t pay enough attention to good customer service. This is partly because in the past, companies were a bit less likely to suffer greatly even if they didn’t always put the customer first. But the technological revolution has changed the way businesses need to look at customer service. The above benefits have become even more relevant and getting the customer service culture right can make or breakRead MoreCustomer Service Skills854 Words   |  4 PagesCUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS 09/26/2012 PRESENTED TO WENDY HORTON CUSTOMER SERVICE CLASS PREPARED BY TYNITRIA JOHNSON Customer service is a very important factor in today’s society. Customer is any relationship, conversation, or interaction an employee has with a customer. Good customer service is the key to a successful business. I learned some things out this class that are relevant to me. I can use them throughout my career. I interviewed three people, as following, for thisRead MoreGood Consumer Service: Company of Choice1032 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness the main key is to have good customer service. The standpoint for any salespersons is to how they present themselves in the company. Companies that show extremely good customer service will normally become the company of choice because with good customer service comes with more customers from other companies. With good service support it is the easiest route to success in building a strong company with custom relations. When a customer sees that good service is provided they will most likelyRead MoreLegal Issues in Health Care696 Words   |  3 Pagesarticle is about the problems hospitals are facing due to antitrust law issued by the government and how it affects the hospital setting in providing healthcare service. It talks about the major laws that have problems in connection to the three different relations that exist in any hosp ital - Hospital Relations, Hospital-Physician Relations and Hospital-Payer Relations. This has both good and bad effects and depends on what the change is. It has been speculated that over 50 percent of these legislationsRead MoreEssay about Brand Tracking Survey784 Words   |  4 PagesBrand Tracking Survey This is a brand tracking survey that Steinlager beer might use. You will see where you can insert your own product category and brand name. Notice how the questions go from broad to specific. Keep that format if you add your own questions. Keep all of these questions! Be aware that in some situations, brand tracking may be concerned with which products the brand reminds consumers of (when the brand is on multiple products), instead of which brands the product remindsRead MoreCustomer Complaints And Why It Is Important For Improving Customer Experience For The Future1738 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: I have chosen to write my reflective essay on customer complaints and why it is important to handle them effectively, how to learn from complaints and how my workplace can use a complaint as a way of improving customer experience for the future. Reflective learning encourages development and new approaches to learning (Brockbank et al, 2002). From what I understand, the purpose of reflective writing is to help us recognise the way we work at a deeper level. It is a process in whichRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film Wal Town 1745 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom the laborer to the consumer to truly comprehend the future of work. Sergio Kirby’s Wal-Town: The Film contains content matter that relates to the future of work, specifically employment trends, the changing labor market, the defining of good jobs and bad jobs. Wal-Mart employs 1.5 million employees in Canada ( Kirby, 2006); this is because the corporation responds to the demographic shifts. Demographic shifts affect the supply and demand for jobs especially considering aging trends, culturalRead MoreCustomer Service Of Health Care1463 Words   |  6 PagesManagement 2213 26 November 2015 Customer Service in Health Care Customer services is a very important part of managing ongoing client/patient relationships, because they are the key to bringing in revenue. The concept of customer service is to deliver outstanding services so the customers will have a great experience. I currently work in the healthcare industry and the company that I work for is starting to have training and meetings to improve customer service to our clients to help increase our patient

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