Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How I want to be Remembered

I would resembling to be come endureed in a lot of steerings that I agnize I willing non. I would analogous to be echoed as a brave, strong,smart young lady, but I will probably be call uped as the lesbian Satanist who was smart invite come out nobody knew because she n ever so tried.Think of the ways you guess state. You imagine them for their bad and their corking. What if you had no commodity , what if you had no bad? Thats out of the question eachbody has a little bit of some(prenominal) in them people just codt always concoct it. The way you atomic number 18 remembered is based on how you be dod and what did objet dart you were around. Think of our founding fathers. They had their faults ,but their grave out shines the bad. Now gestate of all the wars weve had. Their were leading on both slopes. Each side ruitted for theit leader thinking they were total and the other was bad.For the other team is was reversed. This shows how there are two sides to every story and how the thought changes based on who is telling the story. or so people superpower remember the good about you,some talent only remember the bad about you,some might remember the bad and the good,and some might not remember you at all. You always think of the first impression you make wholesome what about the last? When youre demise would you like people to come substantiate you or have them not and have their last memory of you be good instead of you dying? Just like would you quite an have an open inclose or a picture of you displayed at your funeral? return that every morsel could be your last and to make the most of it. Remember the last things you say to somebody because it might be the last words you ever say to them. Im not verbalise live your animateness in fear trying to make every moment good because it could be how people remember you. Im saying to live your life to the fullest,make the most of every moment,mean the words you say,cherish your time with the people outstanding to you,do something worth living for. Sometimes wed rather not be remembered or wed rather not remember somebody. Sometimes no matter how to a great extent you fag outt destiny to remember somebody you do because they meant something to you and even though it hurts to think about them you withal do.Sometimes you remember the good things and those hurt you because that soulfulness is by gone(p) and you cant have those moments erstwhile again and sometimes you remember the bad moment and they hurt you now because they hurt you them. That person might only be gone temporarily like they are absent on a trip or you were a couple and broke up. If you know they are coming back or not the time without themis still only(a) and painful. If youre lucky that person might come back (if they arent on the spur of the moment because if they came back so thatd be weird and ya know zombie like). If you erupt you would like to be remembered for all the g ood things you did not the bad.Some people would be execrable if you were gone and some might be happy. You dont requirement the ones you deal to be sad that youre gone ,but you dont exactly want them to be happy about it either. You would like them to mourn you just not be upset that youre gone because you still want them to live their lives happily without you. Things dont always go as planned. Sometimes people leave incidentally and dont come back and sometimes people die without warning.Life doesnt follow a plan it goes with the decrease and to live life happily thats what you need to do too. Expect the unexpected. Id rather live life to the fullest with the people I love then living it full of regret for things I never did and the things I never said. I actually dont want to be remembered Id rather be forgotten entirely once I die. It is just easiest that way.

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