Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ethics and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics and Society - Essay ExampleIt involves doing what you consider ethical in the society. In other words, ethical life involves doing the right subject as obliged by the society.The right and good argon two different ideas that expound on righteous values. These two ideas are very earthy in our society, and many people tend to interchange them in their communication as well as reference of some things in the society. However, the two are very distinct in what they mean. The idea of the right is related to something obligatory, something that one has to do or follow. In other words right defines a moral duty. The idea of good, on the other hand, refers to whatever is desirable. It refers to whatever is worth doing in the society or something that is worth to have. In other words, good enhances ones life mainly when it is part of the life (Timmons, 2012). From the definitions, one can deduce that obligatory and the desirable are totally different things. For instance, pleasure t hat arise as a result of somebodys success cannot be regarded as obligatory even though it is morally admirable. Observing social norms is regarded as a right. Every psyche is obliged to follow the social norms of oneself society.The activities taking place in the world are a reflection of individual acts. Every persons act contributes immensely to the way we perceive the world. In other words, the happenings in the world are the products of individual thoughts as well as decisions. My supposition can be regarded as an ethical intuitionism because it expounds on the existence of moral beliefs that are determined through not only intuition, but also via transcendental awareness. According to my theory, it is the responsibility of an individual to determine the wrongness or rightness of the decision through referring to these moral beliefs and values. Ethical intuitionism is a value-based theory that is more act-centered that agent-centered (Padilla, 2012). This is bear witness by the responsibility an individual

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