Sunday, June 9, 2019

Media Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Media Advertising - Essay ExampleThis paper delves into how media advertisement stomach be used to promote sales for software products.When marketing for software products I would engage in the process of developing the marketing plan necessitate to sell the software. Research on how to market the product would cover market needs, market trends and the best mode of advertising. Since the identified marketing medium is through online selling on Facebook, the best tactic to use would be to display unique features about the product utilize creativity that is difficult to copy (Feltenstein, 2010).Legal implications when using the online advertisement, any buck of law can always be traced back and used as evidence of the case. Due to ignorance of law, many businesses suffer from this risk.Security breach there are hackers or internet criminals who target the operations of the companies that undertake online marketing. This involves track on financial information and account details or community profile to create havoc (Smith, 2011).Advertising on the internet serves as a good strategy to increase profits for the company or the business. amicable media advertisement targets a large group of people who act as customers of such products and they lead to increased sales of the product. Many customers who deal with online products get more(prenominal) merriment because they can make the transactions using online system and they are able to get the specific product without going for window shopping. Since the customer satisfaction is high through social media due to factors like integrated marketing communication, there are more customers in social media which leads to increased sales and gum olibanum profitability (Funk, 2013).Social media advertisement also leads to profits through reduced cost of operation. Through online advertisement, the business applies integrated marketing communication (IMC) which involves combining all(prenominal) aspects of marketi ng such as sales promotion, public

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