Monday, June 17, 2019

The use of deep breathing exercises as a stress management technique Essay

The use of deep breathing exercises as a stress management technique for elementary school children - Essay deterrent exampleStress refers to the physical or psychological result of external or internal pressure (AllPsych Online). Stress is also considered a normal physical repartee to any stimulus causing threat or that which upsets the balance of an individual in some way. Factors causing stress may include external pressure, encompassing the physical environment, like home, work, school, inter-relationships, challenges and difficulties, or even expectations that an individual faces every day. In addition, internal pressures may also cause stress these cover the over-all health and seaworthiness level of the person, his emotional well-being and mental capacity. The latter in part, determines the bodys ability to respond to external stress-inducing factors (Understanding stress, has been ascertained that there are great potential causes of stress uniquely expre ssed for each individual. However, for this particular study, the focus shall be on the factors of stress in school performance of elementary pupils in the United Kingdom. Based on gathered research and studies conducted in UK context, students in primary education particularly those from the ages of 5 up to 12 old age gray are now generally experiencing school stress which results to a variety of physical and psychological conditions. Stress manifests in different forms, especially among children ages 5 years old or younger since they are still incapable of recognizing and communicating feelings of stress to their parents or guardians. However, stress indicators like clinging to parents, unusual crying, display of temper tantrums and different regressive behaviour (i.e. thumb sucking, bedwetting), and rocking, biting and even toilet accidents are evident. Likewise, children ages 6 to 11 years old, or school-aged children, are more articulate with their emotions and experiences t oward stress-related incidences, and the unmistakable reactions are physical complaints and uncharacteristic

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